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Remote Help

We now offer Remote Accounting Help

Do you get frustrated every time you have to explain a problem with your accounting software over the phone? Do you wish your accountant could just come to your office to make adjustments to your accounts instead of having to struggle with backup CD’s or flash drives?

Remote access allows you to:

  • Save on the cost of mileage, and travel time
  • Get your problem fixed as you’re talking on the phone
  • Send a review of your accounts without interruption to workflow
  • Have a secure connection in which to communicate with your accountant


Remote access allows us to:

  • Help you spot accounting problems before they become bigger problems
  • Help you learn more about your accounting software, and show you tips and tricks to running it more efficiently
  • Help you more often, more effectively



Remote Help

Roger G. Roth, CPA
Nicole M. Hutchins
Brian Reddeman
Kate Wissing

Click the Respective Associate Above to Start Remote Help

When prompted to "Run/Open" or "Save" select "Run/Open"

A second security dialog box may appear asking if you are sure you want run/open the program....choose "Yes"